When university resumes, Serena shows so you’re able to Dan you to definitely she dumped Aaron and you to she nonetheless enjoys him

When university resumes, Serena shows so you’re able to Dan you to definitely she dumped Aaron and you to she nonetheless enjoys him

Dan encourages their particular so you can, and provide their own enough trust to get it done. However, the guy discovers you to definitely has just Chuck and you may Blair made use of Vanessa in one of the online game and you will decides to generate question when you look at the Blair more than just what Chuck would say. Because of this, Chuck and you will Blair become more from the possibility than ever. Serena admits in order to Dan one she undoubtedly consider he may help Blair become courageous. Dan knows he screwed-up and you may informs Chuck you to definitely Blair is browsing inform you how she believed up to he avoided her. Immediately after viewing Nate hug Jenny for the Hearsay Girl, Dan kicks Nate outside of the attic (There may be Blood). During the Bonfire of your Mirror, Dan was hired to find into the details about Chuck’s father, Bart, to use within the a magazine.

At the same time, Serena has begun dating Aaron Rose, a musician whoever efforts are displayed on Rufus’ gallery, but isn’t really revealing their unique people girl earlier

He initiate getting together with Bart, acting as looking for their business, but Chuck are skeptical. Immediately following ending up in a source, Dan learns one to Bart burnt down a developing years ago to help you assemble insurance currency. Chuck tells Bart you to Dan is actually planning to establish him, after that asks Dan to not so you’re able to. Dan chooses to posting Bart the storyline the guy wrote regarding Chuck, where the guy thought guilty of his mom’s death, therefore results in the newest Trout dudes to get closer. Towards Thanksgiving, Dan says this new Georgina situation to help you Aaron, and you can Serena will get crazy he shown a number of their secrets to help you him.

Yet not, Serena denies your to check out Buenos Aires with Aaron, once you understand Rufus and Lily come into like (O Aunt, Where Bart Thou?

From inside the It is a sensational Rest, Aaron’s ex Lexi comes to off and you can becomes trying to find Dan. The guy agrees for taking their on Snowflake Golf ball because the his day, and you can Serena learns that Lexi rests that have dudes toward first day. She discussions whether or not to alert your, and you may does so in the dancing. Immediately after a brief disagreement, they tell others your very first time they had sex try top nights possibly keeps ever endured. Once Bart’s funeral service, Dan knows he continues to have attitude having Serena and you can tries to give her on Eleanor and you may Cyrus Rose’s matrimony.

They agree to get together again, however their delight was short lived whenever Rufus isn’t supporting. They look for clues why, however, discover none. Yet not, Dan learns regarding Chuck you to years ago, Lily got Rufus’ baby you to she setup for use (In the Field of brand new Basses). The guy attempts to ensure that it stays hidden off Serena, but says to Vanessa. Meanwhile, Nelly Yuki takes their cellular phone and you can including Penelope Shafai, Hazel Williams, and you can Isabel Coates, it tip off Rumors Girl; whom releases the content inside fun. Following the soil settles, Dan admits in order to Serena he extremely did have to tell their unique but Rufus made your maybe not. It plan to make it work well inspite of the revelation (Moved into the Will). Dan will get accepted for the Yale inside You have Yale!, but is upset when Serena admits she wants to check out Brownish rather than Yale. The guy along with meets their particular the newest Shakespeare teacher Rachel Carr, just who the guy begins to go out with. The two grow personal, bonding more than their common need for literature and you can creating. Blair, who is offered detention after hazing Rachel, exacts payback of the spread a good rumor one Dan and you may Aserbaidschani Damen Ehe Agentur Rachel try having an affair. While within restaurants, Rachel may be very troubled into development and you will Dan hugs their to help you comfort their. Additional, Serena witnesses case and you can says to Blair, exactly who informs new Moms and dad Panel. If you are Blair is actually meeting with them, Dan and you may Serena break up. The newest committee votes so you’re able to fire Rachel, and you will immediately following it’s done, she and you will Dan bed to one another (Carrnal Education). Rachel shows up within rehearsal into elder play the Age regarding Innocence, and you can she and you can Dan correspond in the notes. They generate intends to meet up at her flat, however, Rufus intercepts this new mention and goes in Dan’s set. Right before starting nights, Dan and you will Rachel has actually sex regarding the costume outfit cabinet. Pursuing the abilities, the guy finds out Rachel advised Yale you to definitely she is actually hazed by Blair, charging their their particular acceptance. The guy finishes one thing together with her, and she production in order to Iowa (Age Dissonance).

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