What Does It Mean To Make Amends Making Amends

Recovering from addiction and working through the 12-Step Program is a highly individualized process so receiving one-on-one professional support is not only helpful, but necessary. Just as you’ll have to work through the 12 Steps of AA (or another recovery program) at your own pace, the time for making amends will depend on your circumstances and when you feel ready. By making direct amends to the person harmed the temptation to skirt the issue because of embarrassment or pain is avoided.

The benefit of making amends to the recovering person does not outweigh the need to do any more harm. We can change something so necessary because this change deepens the pain and suffering of addiction. We can provide the tools needed to restore broken ties with family and loved ones and support those in need.

The Process of Making Amends and What it Means in Recovery

With this option, the individual in recovery takes steps to improve their relationships and demonstrate their lifestyle change. They may visit family members and friends more often, set aside time to spend with their partner or donate their time to a worthy cause. Direct amends refers to going directly to the wronged individual, apologizing and taking whatever action is necessary to correct a situation. If an individual damaged someone else’s home while they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, direct amends may require that they go to the property owner, apologize and repair damages.

Some Christians want to make amends for the church’s treatment of … – Texas Public Radio

Some Christians want to make amends for the church’s treatment of ….

Posted: Mon, 09 Oct 2023 09:06:00 GMT [source]

If you’re on the fence about Step 9, remember that making amends can help you and the other person. Say, for example, you’re preparing to make amends to a former coworker, whom you once stole from to pay for drugs. In addition what is a living amends to apologizing and asking for their forgiveness regarding the incident in question, you might offer to repay them in full for the money you stole. It’s important to note that making amends is for the person we hurt.

What is the Gaza Strip?

A reduced definition would be to apologize for harming yourself sincerely. If you are familiar with the 12-step model of recovery, remember steps 8 and 9 when you read the last two paragraphs. Make a list of the people you have harmed, and get ready to make amends. These changes are so significant because they are the changes that occur when we recover from addiction. The point of making amends is acknowledging the damage your addiction has caused, not to push it back into the past.

Again, in recovery, your words may not mean as much to some people as you wish they would. Understandably, some people may just need more time to learn how to trust https://ecosoberhouse.com/ you again. In these instances, the best thing you can do is to focus on your behavior and remain faithful to your commitment to live an honest, sober life.

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