Multicolored plant life invited your, o beloved khouane, please go back and start to become in your body of the two caring beings

Multicolored plant life invited your, o beloved khouane, please go back and start to become in your body of the two caring beings

« Could possibly get your khouane return to the body this very day! Your parents implore so that they return into your human body. Now, it’s the happy day, today it is the day of options and day’s the latest deserves … Get the khouane not to ever take in liquids in the imprints from this new squirrels if it’s raining. Will get they don’t visit cool on their own regarding the tunes out-of buffaloes and you may oxen if sunrays stands out (…)

Your khouane you to definitely however get lost having dated enjoys, excite get back today!

« Can get you become constantly suit! Get you live 100 many years! Can get the fresh misfortunes spare your. May the wealth accumulate in your own foyer and may you become a sincere and acknowledged well known. Their dad will get your a deserving partner, you shouldn’t be alarmed. Could possibly get you usually getting a good, big and you can pious person (…)

« Today, it’s a happy go out. Today, simple fact is that day’s chance and you will merits. That have also juicy perfume flowers, particular liquor, rice puddings and you will egg.

« Gods agree and that means you be a partner predicated on the old living. Carry the fresh rack out-of flowers in front of your eyes, establish the fresh new trays from forgiveness’ request with some currency and you can herbs. The spouse wants you. Their loved ones, their grand-parents along with his friends are here, happy to make it easier to, to get ready it richly marriage of one’s precious girl.

« O thirty-two khouane of your birth, excite come back this very day towards system of beautiful fiance. thirty two khouane of your own groom, excite go back today.

« Please get back, o khouane of your own head, come back to your head by the will out of hair because oils hence goes into anointing and perfuming. Khouane of your own hairs and you will lashes, khouane of the fingers of your own right hand and also the kept give, excite come back today. Khouane of the ft, softly included in priceless footwear, do not roam by accident, the fresh new air thunders, excite hurry up to go back house! O khouane of one’s eyes, go back on the sight, do not avoid searching pointlessly any kind of time goshawk …

“Your parents, your friends, your loved ones, the new notables expose your their utmost wants off joy by the attaching your on wires of sacred cotton fiber and that means you shaped a virtually and you will pleased couple. Will get you notice honor and you may bliss. May you have got lovable youngsters, pleasant girls and boys instead of problem. Wise, beloved and you can social children.

Which holder is actually beloved wood, which vase inside the amber, raised that have like because of the grand-parents, which have sacred cotton’s cables, having groups, the fresh chicken and also the diversified dining

“May God and you can goddess give you the blessing and you can shelter through these crowned trays loaded with flowers. Can get your own thirty-two khouane get back this day incase the fresh sunlight lies off at the rear of the new tree, will get the latest khouane of one’s bride to be efficiency to help you their particular looks. O khouane, even though you are located in another prevent of panorama, excite return today.

“Delight come back to scent oneself on style of your mother, excite come back in the flowers braided regarding bun of fiance! O khouane, men and women are requesting both you and like to see the head. They all declare that you really have so many virtues. Delight come back and you may consume the meal available to your, please come home while making that it young few lovers show brand new eggs of love predicated on the old traditions!

« Today, it will be the happy day, now the fresh new fingers of your own young couples cross by themselves and you can incorporate one another this very day. Attics full of grain, the house full of treasures along with money, it is primarily the most date…

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