In my experience, the initial story spoke from an anonymous precious son off a keen unknown mommy, who had been indeed sacrificed

In my experience, the initial story spoke from an anonymous precious son off a keen unknown mommy, who had been indeed sacrificed

Regarding unique society regarding Genesis 24, the new wealth lavished abreast of Rebecca allegedly produced by Isaac’s very own, independent riches

There are some other a bit incongruous aspects of that it latest section of your own narrative which might be worth detailing. For example, besides the cryptic reference to Rebecca’s “mom’s house” inside the verse twenty eight, it is merely from inside the passages 53 and 55 that Rebecca’s mother in reality seems and you may speaks, regardless if she stays nameless. And Laban no longer is referred to by-name, however, simply given that “their unique brother.” Once again, only inside the verse 61 do we tune in to one Rebecca was a keen aristocratic lady which have a complete entourage regarding “maidens.” It is at the least a while alarming that such as an excellent highbred woman carry out go, unaccompanied, towards prominent really of one’s urban area, and you can directly draw water and offer take in to a stranger and you will his camels. In the end, passages 59–sixty checks out, “So they really delivered their aunt Rebecca on her ways, and her nursing assistant… In addition they privileged Rebecca and you can thought to their particular, “All of our sister, may you increase to thousands up on plenty; get their offspring possess the urban centers of their opposition.” Thus giving the feeling that multiple unknown brothers otherwise kinsmen was involved in the marriage deals, in the event i listen to nothing of them up to this aspect. No less than these distinctive features may be grounded on the brand new thought very early community. (It can be noted, however, one verse 61a, and this gifts Rebecca’s maidens given that take a trip on [ten] camels [cf. v. 10], coincides badly to the idea that new slave was followed closely by an entourage off “men” (cf. vv. thirty two, 54, 59). Exactly how performed these types of guys travel returning to Canaan in the event that Rebecca’s maidens moved to the camels? 61b, “the fresh new slave grabbed Rebecca and went” was a simultaneous to v. 61a, and you will comes in the before adaptation.)

So it essay sales mostly with the versatility away from Isaac of Abraham since seen owing to a serious studies out-of Gen 26. I do believe that same problem adheres to the storyline from the fresh new “joining from Isaac” out of Gen 22. Interpreters have traditionally grappled with the strange fact that God’s demand one Abraham give up Isaac contradicts their own hope that he create brand of Isaac, brand new young buck off Sarah, a beneficial nation. There is certainly absolutely nothing paradoxical about it consult, because simply child try never destined to be much more than just Abraham’s heir. Only at a holiday stage try that it young buck understood having Sarah’s child, Isaac, the new young buck of one’s covenant, and you may, consequently, protected at the past time. Also, the original covenant from circumcision from inside the Genesis 17 didn’t is passages fifteen-21, which identify that covenant create remain only through Sarah and you can their particular child, Isaac. They devised out-of Abraham as the father out of a variety of circumcised peoples instead of just that private country. I really hope to enhance within these records in other places afterwards. Towards the freedom away from Abraham about Isaac lifestyle note and brand new recommendations to Abraham alone within, inter alia, Psalm ; Isa. 51:2; Ezek. .

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We are going to maybe not consider here practical question regarding even in the event Isaac and you will Jacob were immediately after completely independent of one a unique. The data are linked to each other, outside of Genesis, when you look at the Amos seven:9, 16, no guide till Stockholm matter if they are not fundamentally notion of around due to the fact dad and you can young buck.

Moreover, the very last editor regarding Genesis 24 needed presenting Abraham maybe not only because Isaac’s father, in addition to because supply of all of that try his (vv. 34–36), which is the exact same sort of modifying we come across into the Genesis 26, and therefore recasts Isaac’s success inside searching wells just like the an operate of re-looking their father, Abraham’s wells.

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