Gamble MEETUPS: What i learned regarding Playing LEGO® that have Visitors

Gamble MEETUPS: What i learned regarding Playing LEGO® that have Visitors

For the past two months, I’ve been already been putting a regular Play MEETUP for the Doha where complete strangers satisfy there, play playing with LEGO®, express tales and know something new as much as a theme situation. Play MEETUP advanced regarding a simple societal try to be some thing bigger and you can richer than asked. In this article, I wish to give out a few of the courses one I have learned using this novel sense.

Disconnect To get in touch

You will find become more fragmented indeed than nearly any almost every other go out in advance of. Despite the impression of “connectedness” for the various social media platforms we turned lonelier! We find meaningful connections, engaging discussions and you may a sense of neighborhood. Sadly, now it is easier to take a smart device than simply start a beneficial talk having a complete stranger. While this is most likely a discomfort educated internationally, We sensed it firsthand in the Qatar in which I live. How do we connect once again with the a further height such as for instance we once did before social media invaded our lives? I think I may are finding an idea into services making use of the fuel regarding Play!

Fuel Regarding Play

The latest LEGO® Severe Enjoy® Experience a facilitated fulfilling, correspondence and you may problem solving process in which players are led compliment of a series of concerns, probing better and you can higher into subject. Per new member creates his or her own three-dimensional LEGO® model in response on facilitator’s issues using specifically chosen LEGO® aspects. Such 3d habits serve as a foundation to own class conversation, knowledge revealing, problem solving and decision-making.

To me assisting LEGO Serious Play (LSP) classes You will find rediscovered the efficacy of “PLAY”. We witnessed people fully involved with your state off “FLOW” in which they exposed to each other quicker than things We have previously seen. It had been phenomenal and delightful to watch! Gamble is like a destroyed superpower that individuals all possessed once the pupils, yet , i hardly put just like the people. As the students we communicated, learned making nearest and dearest because of Play. That is how we was however wired since individuals to learn out of a young age. Once the anthropologist George Dorsey said, “Play ‘s the beginning of training.” Carl Jung and considered that “The creation of new things is not done by brand new intelligence, but by the gamble instinct.”

The LSP methodology allows people to communicate and reflect better. It helps teams achieve better harmony, appreciate different perspectives and unlock new creative solutions. The applications and possibilities of LSP are limitless! I wanted to explore LSP outside the typical training workshops that I offered in Qatar and make it more mainstream. I wondered if I could tweak the methodology and use it to make networking easier and more natural. That’s how the idea of Play MEETUP was born! It was about bringing strangers to play LEGO® together in a carefully designed experiential learning journey. This could potentially be a way to “disconnect to connect”, the challenge mentioned earlier caused by social media. most beautiful Delhi women I wanted to test a simple hypothesis: can strangers getting “friends” once singular hr from play? This was inspired by a famous quote attributed to Plato, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”.

“You can learn More and more a person in one hour regarding Gamble compared to annually from Conversation” – Plato (attributed)


There was a fast need for Enjoy MEETUP when i published it on my linked-from inside the and you will instagram levels! Individuals enjoyed the expression “Gamble LEGO® having visitors”. It had been new things, imaginative, fun and also have extraordinary. At all, how do people who don’t know each other fulfill and you may enjoy LEGO® together?! Would be the fact actually secure?

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